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Optimize Human Performance 

Powerful Coaching Model To Achieve Superior Results
Marilyn Sutherland, PHR, SHRM-CP

Change Management & Communications

Noah Consulting, LLC (Dallas, TX)

Ginger is a terrific coach. She has coached me and I've watched her work with others. Ginger has developed a powerful coaching model that transforms how people deal with challenges and create the results they want. 

In addition she is a very knowledgeable sales consultant and trainer using creative approaches to engaging clients in making changes to achieve superior results

Achieve Greater Team & Organizational Productivity

Ginger is masterful at putting together turnkey solutions that are easily implemented to move you, your team and organization forward.  Through her proprietary frameworks she will be your strategic ally, helping you to access new levels of creative problem solving while tackling your biggest strategic and tactical challenges.   Are you ready to stretch beyond your comfort zone, and achieve greater productivity, exceed sales targets and have fun while you’re at it? Ginger’s methodology will help you achieve all this and more.

Kelley Black

Balancing the Executive Life

Naam Coaching/Consulting, (New York, NY)

Ginger Reid, Founder & Chief Executive Human Futurist
Coach | Speaker  |  Consultant | Trainer
​Access a unique approach to achieve next level results...
DRIVE able,
REPEAT able,
SUSTAIN able & 
PREDICT able Results UP
Phenomenal Coaching! Off the Scale Insights to Recharge. . .

Ginger is off the scale in her coaching talent and skills...First, in about 10 minutes of coaching, she helped me come up with insights about a start-up I'm involved with--in a way that  absolutely blew me away. She doesn't have much experience with my kind of start-up, but that made no difference. She got to the heart of beliefs and attitudes I have in this specific situation that were holding the start-up back. By the end of the session, I was recharged, rejuvenated and had a couple of big ideas to get on track--In short, phenomenal coaching! 

Andrew Neitlich

Harvard MBA (Founder of the Center for Executive Coaching and Institute for Business Growth

Start-UP Business Coaching (Sarasota, FL)

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