EnterUP story by Ginger Reid

Thank you to anyone and everyone who provided suggestions, excellent feedback, support of any kind and to those who expect EnterUP to succeed in making a powerful, positive, purposeful mark with people and organizations nationwide.​
EnterUP provides solutions for Businesses, Executives, Sales Teams, HR, IT and individual contributors using 360-degree assessments combined with Coaching, Consulting and Training. Our focus is Results​UP!
Coaching, Consulting and Training best practices implemented to inspire people, improve processes, utilize technology, improve productivity and increase profitability.​
EnterUP Launch 6/1/2012


​Website, Facebook and LinkedIn Launch 6/1/2012.


Purchased and started using www.ResultsUP.com


Logo design completed by Margee Kopel--Thank you! You gently guided me through  this process until I was completely satisfied. Wow, what an amazing logo. Thank you Kristy Hall for introducing me to Margee Kope.

Kelley Black, Founder of Balancing the Executive Life was my complete advocate during this creative exploration. It takes tremendous skill to ask questions that provide clear direction exceeding every expectation. Her relentless, unwaivering stand was not only uplifting, but also propelled the creative process that unfolded perfectly. 

EnterUP, LLC formed 5/7/2010


There are many obstacles in the way. With persistance, resilence, creativity and powerful alliances EnterUP, LLC​​ was formed.

One mistake that I hope any business owner learns is to purchase your domain name before forming your company. The domain name is no longer available. What? This can't be the same name I searched yesterday. It is true they now want $1,800 for this domain name. Not happening! I look for another route. Enter-up.com is available so I purchase this domain.

Started as a concept 5/2/2010
West Village Starbucks - Dallas, TX

Geared up at Starbucks with wifi card, laptop and iPhone the brainstorming process began. First, search your domain name, I thought. GoDaddy was my first stop on the Internet to checkout all the names that surfaced. Enter up? Hmmm, I like it. It was availabe so I proceeded to the next step.

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