Analyze Performance and Profitability: 8-Point Analysis

 ​EnterUP utilizes proven methods, people assessments, a unique framework and a predictable process  guiding clients to their desired end point. Shift unwanted behaviors that negatively impact business results. Apply Coaching, Consulting and Training to enhance Business, Executive Leadership, Sales, Team HR and IT performance and profitability.

Select from our 8-Point ​Analysis to tackle the most important business drivers affecting business, employee, revenue and client direction.  


SWOT & GAP Analysis

Actual Performance vs. Potential Performance; Current State vs. Future State 


Determine start and finish line, then plug into a project plan. ​Implement a unique blend of Assessments, Coaching, Consulting, and Training to pin point GAPs.

​Assess GAPs > Plan > Discuss > Revise Plan > Implement New Operating State > Track ROI


Strengths, Productivity and Profitability Analysis

Identify people, processes and technology that increase productivity or decrease productivity. Time is money. Learn new ways to eliminate road blocks, obstacles, inefficient processes. Coach and Train your people to be efficient and effective. Give your workforce everything they need to be at the top of their game.

Uncover new ways to increase profitability by focusing on long term impacts and critical matters first:

1. Sales
2. Leadership
3. Customer Satisfaction

Increase sales based on fulfillment, increase lead conversion rates, decrease unnecessary costs,  maintain client and customer satisfaction, build a referral system, implement processes that run the business efficiently and predictably, create powerful alliances and reward loyalty through appreciation and incentives.


Talent Performance Analysis

Performance driven outcomes and incentives. Top Performer Templates for Hiring Talent. Examine strengths, focus, habits, actions, speaking, thoughts and emotions of top performers. Assess your people, identify strengths that already exist throughout the organization. Create succession plans and recruit from within.


Leadership Influence Analysis

Leaders influence the direction of any workforce and establish a winning attitude throughout the company. Clients experience leadership direction each time they come in contact with any employee. Lead your people to be successful. Focus on expectations...who they have the potential to become.


Sales Efforts vs Return Analysis

EnterUP assesses top producers, low producers, sales management and teams to uncover hidden strengths and untapped potential. Examine territory goals then establish a strategic plan to follow through, achieve quota and report results. Individual & Team Sales Coaching. One-day and Two-Day Customized Sales Seminars. 


Team Alignment, Productivity & Strengths

Start by evaluating where team cohesiveness might benefit all who are impacted. Set a course of alignment, create buy-in from the entire team, provide incentives for achievement. 360-degree assessments both verbal and online testing available.


Culture Shift, Communication Analysis

Culture plays a significant part in any organization setting the tone with leadership, HR, IT, staff and clients. Be purposeful about the message your organization conveys. Mission statements, Core Values and Philosophy may enhance every aspect of the organization as long as people see what they hear.


Talent Performance & CRM Technology Analysis

Selecting the best-of-breed technology and vendors is somewhat tricky. Allow EnterUP to assist with selecing both technology and vendors. Save time, money and valuable internal resources by investing wisely. Understand the exact needs and requirements in advance to ensure the best fit with technology vendors. Plan ahead then build momentum.

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