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Articles, Studies and Partner Alliances that convey the quality and purpose driving every interaction we engage in. If we do not have the solutions for any business, we will refer you to our trusted partners. Our focus is YOUR ResultsUP.

Recovering from Information Overload, Employee Engagement
Recovering from
Information Overload
Profiles International Assessments Employee Fit
Profiles International

Always-on, multitasking work environments are killing productivity, dampening creativity, and making us unhappy.

Find out how to disconnect in productive ways that ignite passion, creativity, fun, commitment and appreciation. Schedule a consult.

Validated assessments provide a starting point and view into leveraging top talent and recruiting from within.

ProfileXT® (PXT)

360-degree Leadership style -  CheckPoint 360°™

Profile Performance Indicator™ (PPI)

Profile Sales Assessment™ (PSI)

Happiness in the Workplace, Happy Employees
Are Happy Employees More Productive?
People UP = ResultsUP, Inspire Employees and Produce Results
Institute for
Business Growth

 Proprietary CASTLE system for business growth. Andrew Neitlich offers the most comprehensive coach training program available.   

Sales/Trainer Certification Institute​​


Institute for Business Growth​​


The Center for Executive Coaching​​


Center for Career Coaching​​


Institute for Brand and Image Consulting​​   

Learn more about how over worked employees are not performing at Utmost Potential. There are several studies that link optimal productivity to happiness in the workplace.

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